VoltRon is a spatial omic analysis toolbox for multi-omics integration using spatial image registration. VoltRon is also capable of analyzing multiple types of spatially-aware data modalities.

  • Unique data structure of VoltRon allows users to seamlessly define tissue blocks, layers and multiple assay types in one R object.
  • End-to-end downstream data analysis for distinct spatial biology technologies are supported. VoltRon visualizes and analyzes regions of interests (ROIs), spots, cells and even molecules (under development).
  • Automated Image Registration incorporates OpenCV (fully embedded into the package using Rcpp) to detect common features across images and achieves registration. Users may interact with built-in mini shiny apps to change alignment parameters and validate alignment accuracy.
  • Manual Image Registration helps users to select common features across spatial datasets using reference images stored in VoltRon objects. In case automated image registration doesn’t work, you can still align images by manually picking landmark points.
  • Niche Clustering allows integration to single cell RNA analysis datasets using Seurat, SingleCellExperiment and spacexr for spot deconvolution. Estimated cell type abundances are then used to cluster spots into groups of cell type niches which are defined as spots with distinct composition of cell types.


Install from the GitHub repository using devtools (with R version 4.3.0 or higher):

if (!require("devtools", quietly = TRUE))

On Windows and MacOS, OpenCV will be downloaded automatically upon installation. However, Rtools may be required to be downloaded too, hence this may take some time!

To ask questions please use VoltRon discussion forum on google groups (https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/voltron_discussion).