Bioinformatics & Omics Data Science platform

Bioinformatics & Omics Data Science platform is a research group at Berlin Institute of Medical System Biology (BIMSB) of MDC-Berlin, and headed by Dr. Altuna Akalin. The platform creates and maintains bioinformatics tools and databases, and studies biology using  available or in-house computational techniques. In addition, the platform provides collaboration opportunities and services for BIMSB and MDC scientists.

Research interests

We have a broad interest in gene regulation, specifically transcriptional regulation and association of transcriptional regulation with epigenomics. We are aiming to use data intensive computational methods to uncover patterns in gene regulation relating to cell differentiation and complex diseases.

Resources and training

In addition to collaboration opportunities, the platform offers knowledge-base, help-desk and training for BIMSB scientists. The databases, software and how-tos maintained by the platform is listed on the resources page. The training opportunities will be summarized at training page.

Open positions

We are looking to fill the following positions:

  • Postdoc level scientists to take part in NGS data analysis and method development on various projects regarding epigenetics and cell type determination from omics data.

Get in touch! Collaborate with us

Bioinformatics platform offers access to technologies and collaborations oppurtunities for BIMSB and MDC groups.

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